leptin diet expertI extend warm greetings to all visitors to my health blog. My name is Antwon Cunningham. I’m a nutritionist and naturalist who runs my very own nutritional coaching business. My business is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and reliable nutritionist who can steer you into the right direction health-wise, I fit the bill to a T. I possess nutritionist certification and education, for one. I know the ins and outs of what it takes for people to get on the path to clean living, glowing health and feeling good both inside and out. If you constantly feel tired, lethargic and completely devoid of energy and vitality, I can help you turn your life around and get on the path to significantly improved well-being.

If you wish to eat clean and treat your body right, I make an excellent resource. I have in-depth expertise on natural superfoods and organic foods alike. If you’re interested in being kind to your body and feeding it natural foods, I can be of great assistance to you.

Many of my past — and current — clients have benefited significantly from my nutrition expertise in how to naturally increase your leptin levels which makes weight loss 10 times easier. I have a number of reputable awards on my shelves at home. I received the honor of being named the Top Nutritionist in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area in 2014, to begin. I was also given the Best Organic Foods Expert in the Southeast award in 2013. If you’re looking for a nutritionist who has a loyal and devoted following of satisfied clients, then that describes me 100 percent. I care about client happiness above all else. When you rely on my nutrition coaching, you can always be fully confident that you’re going to walk away more than happy. My goal is to turn my clients’ lives around in the best possible ways. Nutrition and health truly are my number one passions. I live and breathe nutrition every single day of my life.

antwonnature_weight loss speechIf you’re looking for a dependable and knowledgeable nutritionist and naturalist in the Atlanta area, I make an A+ choice. Contact me for further information about my nutrition coaching business. I can’t wait to hear from you.

“Antwon is just the best. He made me feel confident and energetic after years of feeling sluggish and unmotivated. He quite simply changed my life and I’m eternally thankfully to him for that.” ~ Former client Mya Rednowski